Accent on Schools

Tonight, P.6 performed on stage at Falkirk Town Hall, along with several other schools from Falkirk Council, as part of Accent on Schools. They performed to an audience of 100’s, including many parents. They were fantastic! Their show had a BULLYING theme, using song and dance to get their point across. Here they are waiting behind the scenes, then performing on stage. You’ll see they had a ball! 

ICT Fair

Recently our school joined in and exhibited at Falkirk Education ICT Fair. We had a stand showing how we use our WIKISPACES (you can access ours from the LINKS button above). Three of our classes use wikispaces P.7’s, 6’s and 5’s. Two children from each class went along to show off their wikis to teachers from lots of other schools. Aimee and Mueed went from our class. We’ve made a slideshow to show you.

Easter Extravaganza

Our whole school have been involved in an Easter concert. Each stage had to entertain our parents and relations. P.6 decided to choose an American theme. No performance on America would be complete without a song from Elvis! I hope Sean, Mollie and Danielle manage to hit the spot!

Update 3

Here we are! Great excitement! First we had to remove our fish from their tank and fill lots of small bags with them to transport to the River Carron. Our guide showed us where and how to release the fish. Look below to see our video of this. It was great fun spotting our fish in the water. Where we had thought they had grown quite large in our tank at school, now they looked tiny in the river.
Later we were shown how to do some pond dipping to spot what other creatures live in the river besides fish.

Carron in the classroom update

Sorry for the delay, but we’ve had a technical hitch, which we’ve fixed now. Anyway, it gives us the chance to show you how our fish are progressing. 250 trout eggs were delivered. Our children were split into maintenance groups which change every week. The scientist that brought them showed us how to look after them. We had to check the temperature – to keep it between 5 and 10 degrees ideally, to keep the water aereatad, and to keep the filters unclogged – we use a turkey baster for this!

Watch our slideshow to see how they are growing and how Scott is looking after them.


Burns Competition

Every year our school and our neighbouring school have a Burns Poetry Competition. The children in every class in our school have to choose scots poem to learn, and the best 3 entrants from each class are chosen to go into the next round. P.6 and P.7 children learned Burns poems as 2009 is the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns, our national bard.
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Here are the 3 finalists from our class.  I hope you enjoy the videos. Listen well to figure out what they are saying, as it’s in traditional scots language!
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